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How to order or enquire about books.

Use the interface on the left to search. Once you have located a book you are interested in, you may add it to your shopping cart. You can add as many books as you wish to your shopping cart and can review and edit its contents by clicking the View Cart button at any time before submitting your order. We will contact you to confirm the sale and settle payment and delivery details. If you would like additional information about any book, use the enquire button to send us a note.

How to search for a book.

Enter your search criteria using the interface on the left. As a general rule for searching, less is better because our system matches most of the words you enter. It is better to leave out any words you feel unsure about. "Talmud" will return a more comprehensive list than "Talmudic Studies". You can always refine your search by adding more specific criteria.

If you are uncertain of the spelling or the name is very long, you can search using the initial part of the name: "Dost" will find "Dostoyevsky", "Dostoevskii" etc. Accented characters are searched intelligently: "Eglise" will find L'église", "Buecher" will find "Bücher" and vice versa, but "Bucher" will not find "Bücher".